The Unpad English Studies Programme received the visitation of Accreditation by the Assesors on Saturday, 8th April 2017. The Assesors were Prof, Prof. Dr. Baso Jabu from Universitas Negeri Makasar and Prof. Dr. Nur Mukminatien from Universitas Negeri Malang.

The visitation was a re-examination of the data which has been submitted previously. In short, the visitation aims to validate and verify the results of the desk evaluation at Unpad English Studies Programme. In this occasion, the FIB dean, lecturers, students, and stakeholders also were interviewed. The results of the visitation will be sent to BAN PT to be considered.

Based on the preparations that have been made by the Accreditation team of Unpad English Studies Programme, it was hoped that the accreditation results will have better grade than the previous one.