Travels, Transformations, and Transgressions in and out of Codes and Canons

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Crossings are what made our postmodern, globalized world. We have travelled across the Red Sea;  the Pacific, the Indian, and Atlantic oceans; the Malacca, Bering, Gibraltar, and English straits and channels; the Silk Road and the Oregon Trail. We have passed the mirror stage and left the Garden of Eden. We have brought down the Berlin Wall, the Bamboo Curtain, and trade barriers. We have also crossed the boundaries and borders of identity, discipline, genre, and media.

The humanities and the arts (fine or otherwise) now need to recognize the urgency of such crossings and realize that their Saturnalian poetic license is outdated, driving them out of their ivory towers. They must, then, move and maneuver in new fields, new spaces, new media, new languages. And, they must speak of and promote discussions on these crossings.

With that in mind, the students and faculty-members of the English Studies program at Universitas Padjadjaran are organizing a conference on culture, language, and literature on 24-26 May 2012, in the effort to bring together aspiring, emerging, and experienced scholars and academics of various fields and disciplines as well as practitioners, activists, and artists for exchange of ideas and building of networks.  The conference will be held at the Iwa Koesoemasoemantri campus of Universitas Padjadjaran at Jalan Dipati Ukur No. 35, Bandung.

We hope to have:

Dédé Oetomo, University of Surabaya (linguist, LGBT rights activist, founder of Gaya Nusantara),

Angelo R. Lacuesta (Philippine writer, winner of the 2005 Phillipine National Book Award and the 2007 Palanca Memorial Award),

Shrimati Das, Nehru College, India (Visiting Professor at Universitas Gajah Mada), and

Julia Suryakusuma (public intellectual, author, columnist)

as speakers.

Follow these links for further information on the Call for PapersSchedule, and Accomodations.

Conference fees
General            : Rp 200,000 (approximately US$ 20)
Students           : Rp 100,000

Non-presenting participants
General            : Rp 100,000
Students           : Rp 50,000

In conjunction with the conference there will also be a speech and poetry-reading competition in English for university and high-school students to bring the issues to the attention of the general public.

And in the spirit of building strong networks, a Universitas Padjadjaran English alumni convention is also being organized which includes career workshops for English students led by our alumni.

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