Student Support Services

We at the Unpad English Studies Program make the effective learning experience of the students our utmost priority, upholding the humanistic values of mutual respect, diversity, equality, and freedom. To ensure that the varied needs and interests of our students are met, in particular, the English Studies Program and, in general, the Faculty of Cultural Sciences, and Universitas Padjadjaran, provide student support services to cater to students’ diverse backgrounds, needs, and interests.

The Academic Advisor (or, in Bahasa Indonesia, the Dosen Wali) serves as the initial point of contact for students. The Academic Advisor provides regular consultative sessions with students to discuss and address various issues, from those pure academic to personal issues that may affect academic performance. Issues unresolved during such consultations will be referred to the Guidance and Counseling Team on the Faculty and University levels.

Students of the English Studies Program organize a support group where students may collectively share, address, and suggest resolutions to issues and hindrances in their learning process and personal development.

How can a student request administrative services?