Curriculum – English Studies Program

The curriculum of Unpad’s English Studies Program consists of courses in two categories, namely mandatory courses and electives. Joint Lectures, known as Tahap Perkuliahan Bersama (TPB) courses, such as Bahasa Indonesia, Religious Studies, and Civics Studies are mandatory courses that apply to students of all study programs enrolled in the undergraduate program at Universitas Padjadjaran.

There are also mandatory courses that apply to students of all study programs at the Faculty of Cultural Sciences, such as Introduction to Cultural Studies, Fundamentals of Philosophy, and Cultural Diplomacy. However, most of the mandatory courses are courses in the study program.

The English Studies Program category consists of three types of courses, namely language proficiency courses, linguistics courses, and literature courses. Specific courses in the English Studies Program also include elective courses in the fields of language proficiency, linguistics and literature which reflect the distinctiveness of the English Studies program at Universitas Padjadjaran.

Language skills courses are designed to assist students in improving their English competency in speaking, listening, reading, writing, and translating. English proficiency elective courses include Interpreting, Technology in Translation, and Integrated Language Skills.

Linguistics courses equip students with theoretical knowledge and practical skills in conducting research on how the English language works and its use in social life such as in various industries and fields of work. Elective courses in linguistics include Linguistic Aspects in Translation, Teaching: Principles and Methods, and Classroom Management, which are applied linguistics courses.

Literature courses provide an overview of literature and cultures that originated from various English-speaking regions of the world such as Great Britain, North America, the Caribbean, Africa, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and Australasia, as well as the socio-political context that surrounds them. Students are also trained to apply critical reading to literary texts and to produce critical pieces of writing using the latest theoretical frameworks. Elective courses in literature include Women’s Writing, Literature & Film, Poetry & Contemporary Music, and Theater & Performance.

The curriculum of Unpad’s English Studies Program also equips students with provisions to become scholars and researchers in the fields of linguistics and literary-cultural studies. Therefore, after obtaining sufficient comprehension of compulsory subjects, students may choose to either take Linguistics or Literature as their focus. Students who take a certain focus will be required to take a set of courses accordingly.

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