Dr. Ypsi Soeria Soemantri, M. Hum.


NIP: 195709221992032001
Education: Doctoral Degree in Linguistics (Universitas Padjadjaran)
Field of expertise: Linguistics
Other interests: Culture, translation (Indonesian-English and vice versa), English language teaching

Teaching Hours:

Undergraduate Programme

Day Hours Room Course Subject
Tuesday 09.20-11.00 C1.05 Semantics
Thursday 09.20-11.00 C1.03 Semiotics
12.20-14.10 C1.03 Research Methods in Linguistics


Postgraduate Programme

  Day/Hours Room
Thesis supervision (by appointment) Monday 10.30-14.00 English Studies Programme
Tuesday 11.00-14.00
Wednesday 11.00-14.00
Note: Maximum number of students is 8 per session.
  Day/Hours Room
Academic councelling (by appoitnment) Tuesday 9.00-11.30 English Studies Programme
Note: Maximum number of students is 11 per session.

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