Welcome to English Studies at Universitas Padjadjaran

English studies at Universitas Padjadjaran began in 1958 with the establishment of the Faculty of Arts offering four undergraduate programs in language and literature, namely Indonesian and Sundanese Language and Literature, History, English Language and Literature, and French Language and Literature. Later on a three-year non-degree program in English, an undergraduate extension program in English, and more recently a master’s program in English Linguistics were added. Though formally each program is administered by various units in the Faculty of Arts, in practice the personnel of the Department of English runs all three existing study programs.

In the period between 1989 and 2010, the Department also ran an extension program for applicants having undergone 110 credit-hours of coursework from other study programs, including those who had completed the three-year non-degree program. The extension, however, is no longer offered. The three-year program is also no longer accepting new students.

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