A Day at Ciater

Last Friday 7 June 2013 faculty and staff members held an informal meeting at Ciater Spa and Resort. The event consisted of a spiritual lecture from K. H. Abu Yahya, celebration of the birthdays of Ibu Maryam (the wife of Pak Abdullah Prijo Utomo) and Taufiq Hanafi–for which a nice red velvet cake was enjoyed, and the usual departmental meeting. A delicious lunch and a pleasant dip in the hot springs pool closed the day.  It was also held in memory of family members of the staff and especially our beloved Bapak Maryoso and Bapak R. udi WilsonThe event was attended by the Head of the Department Ambu Erlina, the Secretary Taufiq Hanafi, Bapak Abdullah Prijo Utomo (Pak Tom), Ibu Maryam (Bu Iyom), Bapak Djuhaeri and Ibu Sudardjati (Bu Ati), Eva Tuckyta Sari Sujatna, Heriyanto, Susi Yuliawati, Lestari Manggong, Beti Buanawati, Teti Sumarni, Lestari Manggong, Ari J. Adipurwawidjana, Rima Febriani, Sandya Maulana, Ekaning Krisnawati, and Rawayan P. Adiprahajyan (Ryan).