METAMORFOSIS: staging biological, mythical, & digital bodies

On Thursday 2 June 2016, as a part of our on-going learning process, individuals affiliated to the English Studies program will stage a theatrical performance exploring human links to hopes and desires, the past and the present, the possibility of the future, the physiology of the human biological body, and the inevitability of the merging of the human body with the electromagnetic waves that frame our current digital culture.


In this experiment bodies, shadows, and projections (still and moving) interact. Mass, light, and sound speak to each other. Each flows and each cuts the flow of another. 

The narrative and the non-narrative are enacted by Setiadi, Laras, Rahmat, Fitri, Rizki, Andini, and Lita, who are trapped in the land where they live on the ground on which they stand (and of course the gravitational force that keeps them there) as they are also anchored to the values in effect in their everyday lives: patriarchal values, values in formulas calculating gravitational pulls and the rotation of rigid bodies, and of course the fluctuating land values. Some remain in this mesh of values. Some liberate themselves. But, can humanity be free of values? Where is this value-free space? Is this the place that one dies and is reborn? If such is possible, what will one become after being reborn? If that is a viable destination, is that place real? What can a human being be other than being human? These questions will not be answered.

The Goddess Nusien and the Nymph Hapsari awaits your kind attendance.

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If you are interested in witnessing this METAMORFOSIS, please complete the following form.